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post vaccine health

Help for long-haulers & post vaccine health

July 03, 20233 min read

Since February of 2020, when COVID began to spread, I’ve been following doctors and researchers that I know and respect, because the more I can understand about what drives this illness, the better I can help all my clients.

As time goes on, these are my observation:

Some people (whether vaccinated or not) have not contracted covid.

Some people (whether vaccinated or not) get sick like the flu or a bad cold and recover in about a week or two.

Some people (whether vaccinated or not) get sick and develop what has become known as “long haul” covid, meaning that even many weeks and months after the original illness they are not doing well. These symptoms can be mild or devastating.

Some people develop symptoms from the vaccine (or a booster) that linger, and those symptoms can be mild or devastating.

Rather than debate about what should have been done, let’s look at where we are now and how we can move forward. There are natural treatments that can help people who struggle with long-haul or post vaccine symptoms, and I will present a few here. (Download my Holistic Pandemic Survival Guide for the basics about prevention.) Here are additional options:

  • Autophagy, which literally means “self-eating” has proven to be helpful. This is a natural process your body uses to clear out old cells and debris. Intermittent fasting (shortening your eating window to between 8 and 12 hours per day) and periodic fasting both will promote autophagy.

  • The supplement Resveratrol at the dose of 400-500 mg per day will also promote autophagy and helps inflammation.

  • Melatonin has been proven to help as well. Start with 1 mg within an hour of bedtime and work up from there. Most people do well with between 1 and 5 mg, although some go as high as 10 mg. If you feel groggy the next day or have vivid dreams that prevent your full relaxation, those are signs you have more than you need. Start slow and work up.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids (also known as fish oil or EPA/DHA, the active ingredients in the fish oil) at the dose of 2 grams twice a day with meals has been shown to be helpful. (The above are all adult doses.)

  • Sunlight and near infrared light treatments are very powerful help.

  • Pine needle tea has also been shown to calm the spike protein’s inflammatory effects.

These are recommendations for adults. Be sure to check with your own practitioner to be sure this is compatible with any medications you are taking.

Natural treatments

If you’ve followed me through the last 2+ years, you’ll know that I am very respectful of people’s personal decisions regarding vaccination. I’m going to come out stronger now and state my opinion. There are stresses to the body from these vaccines and it appears that the more boosters you get, the more vulnerable to inflammation, cardiovascular, neurological and even autoimmune conditions you become. These are not always immediately felt; they can take weeks and months to develop. It doesn’t appear that vaccinated people are protected the way we were originally led to believe. I will still support you no matter what your decision. I have reached the point, though, where I will state that I do not believe the benefit of continued boosters is justified, and I will leave it at that.

It does look like covid is here to stay, similar to the seasonal flu. In light of this, adopting the right preventive steps and taking whatever you need to help with inflammation will go far to keep you healthy. Your feedback and comments are always welcome, and I will continue to do my best to guide you through!


Disclaimer: This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this blog should be taken as medical advice. Discuss all medical issues with your own MD.

post vaccinehealth
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a naturopath?

A naturopath is a holistic practitioner who uses a system of treatment which avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents such as air, water, herbs and lifestyle improvements. At Vitality Project, we practice Traditional Naturopathy. As the name implies, this is the original practice of naturopathy and is distinguished from Functional Medicine, which uses medical labs with narrower ranges of normal than your MD considers. In Functional Medicine it’s not unusual to run lab tests that cost thousands of dollars. This is not needed in Traditional Naturopathy.

Do you treat _______?

(Fill in the blank- autoimmune conditions, arthritis, fibromyalgia, infertility, anxiety or depression, inflammation, fatigue, etc) The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think. Your medical doctor uses your diagnosis to point the way to appropriate treatment options. A Traditional Naturopath uses your diagnosis as a description of what your body is manifesting in the way of symptoms, but your diagnosis doesn’t point the way to treatment. In our philosophy, every non-optimal health condition is caused by the same 4 basic stressors that have occurred over time. These are times in your life you’ve had poor lifestyle habits, times you’ve had physical stresses (accidents, injuries, surgeries, even childbirth), times you’ve been under excessive mental & emotional stress, and times you’ve been exposed to toxins (including pollutants, infections and even medications). We then create a plan to pull out the toxins over time and support the function of your organs and systems so that your body can actually heal.

Does insurance cover this?

Regular health insurance does not, because this is not medical care. But many HSAs will cover. You can check with your provider for details.

Do you work with children?

Yes, we’ve worked with people from 1 day old infants to those well into their 90’s.

How long before I see results?

Most people will begin to see improvement within the first few weeks. Much of that depends on how willing you are to make the lifestyle changes to support your body. It also depends on your history. We do a consultation as a first step to gather some background about your situation and history, then present what would be necessary from you. For example, if it’s necessary to stop artificial sweeteners and that’s something you’re not willing to do, we will be honest about what results you could expect, and you might decide we’re not a good fit for you. We’ve had many people who do decide at a later time that they’re ready, and this is fine. The goal is to have a successful relationship.

Can you work together with my medical treatments?

Absolutely! This is called Complimentary medicine and it works very well. Our job is to get you improving, and many times you are then able to come off Rx medications. We never pull you off, though. As you heal and your condition improves, you work with your prescribing doctor to lower and eliminate medications you don’t need any more. At certain times, necessary medications (chemotherapy is one example) have undesirable side effects and we can commonly support you in such a way that these side effects are greatly lessened. It’s a beautiful thing!

Do you offer telehealth?

Yes, we work with people all over the world who cannot come in person. Additionally, some locals choose to avoid traffic and do telehealth.

Do I have to take vitamins and supplements?

Yes, these are some of the tools we use to aid your healing. We can work within your preferences, such as liquid vs pill. We work to make this fit into your lifestyle as simply as possible.

How much do you charge?

The initial consultation is $50, which gives us a chance to talk about what is going on with you and decide whether to work together. If we decide to move forward, the first appointment takes an hour and includes reviewing your history and doing testing. The second appointment is one week later where Debra presents a Report of Findings and we work out a treatment plan that works for you. The fee for those two visits is $450, payable on the first visit. Follow ups are from $150 to $250, depending on the length of the appointment. We usually see people at 4-week intervals, but in special circumstances you might need a recheck in 2-3 weeks.

How do I get started?

The first step is your consultation. You can fill out the form for us to contact you or you can call our office directly at 770-817-8028. We look forward to getting to know you!

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  • (770) 817-8028

  • 801 Bombay Lane

  • Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, and Saturday 10:00 am - 3:30 pm. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

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