Important to prep for the 2020 flu season

Here we are on the cusp of what is an extremely important flu season. I want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to not only avoid the yearly flu, but also to keep yourself strong to not be vulnerable to COVID 19. I’m going to include a link to Dr Mercola’s newsletter today, because it takes a look at Sweden’s approach, which has turned out to be very effective. Basically, they advised all people over 70 to minimize going out and they limited social gatherings to no more than 50. You can read the article at the end of this blog and draw your own conclusions.

A word about belief and stress

Your beliefs are powerful!! This is evidenced by looking at the placebo effect, which is the standard that medications are measured against in drug trials. Often, a sugar pill is more powerful than the drug being tested! This happens because the person believes that the pill they are getting will help them.

Stress is also powerful, and you can actually get sick if you’re under the kind of stress where you feel that there’s no way out or that you have no control in the situation. Some of this can be mitigated by battling stress with exercise and relaxation practices like yoga or meditation. But the fact remains that stress is a vulnerability factor in your health.

I’m bringing these topics up to discuss…….

The flu vaccine

I am personally not a fan of vaccines and do not take the flu vaccine, even though I’m 65 years old. This is my strong belief based on experience and looking at the evidence on the effectiveness of the vaccines each year, along with reading the package insert to see what ingredients are in the vaccine. I would be stressed if I were forced to get a vaccine. This combination of belief and stress would be a powerful influence in my outcome.

The reverse is also true. If you have a very strong belief in the vaccine and would be stressed by not taking it, that combination would also influence your outcome negatively.
Bottom line is, you have to be true to your beliefs. The good news is that there is SO much more to the story than whether or not to take the vaccine!

A review of the basics

Supplements to keep your immune system strong

Vitamin D- You need a dose that will keep your blood test result between 60 and 80 on a medical test.

Zinc- See Dr Adelena’s breakdown on zinc in today’s Nutrition Corner.

Vitamin C- Adults take 1,000 mg 2-3 times a day and increase the dose if you feel the beginnings of illness.

These are the very basics, but also extremely helpful are supplements like Immune Symmetry, colloidal silver, peppermint oil and Vitamin A.

Our famous homeopathic Cold & Flu prep is tried and true, and VERY simple to take- Order by calling our office at 770-817-8028. We will help you with dosing instructions, too.

As wonderful and helpful as supplements are, nothing takes the place of the basics- good nutrition, hand washing, being outside, exercising, getting good sleep and reducing stress. Staying home if you feel sick is extremely important too. Every day, be sure you get out from in front of the computer, phone or tv and walk in the park or do whatever gives you pleasure. Trust me, it’s good medicine. 😊

Nutrition corner with Dr Adelena

If you are concerned about preventing the flu, then let me introduce you to ZINC!

Zinc is a mineral that affects many processes throughout your body, including your metabolism and your senses of taste and smell. But zinc is especially important for your immune system, and a zinc deficiency can lead to more illnesses and a longer recovery time.

The recommended daily amount of zinc is 8mg/day for an adult female and 11mg/day for an adult male, but remember the recommended daily amount is what is able to keep you from being deficient, not necessarily to optimize your level.

12% of Americans do not even meet the recommended daily amount of zinc through their diet, much less reach their optimal level! The elderly population and teenage boys are more likely to have zinc deficiency due to their limited diets.

Dietary Sources of zinc include:

  • Oysters
  • Beef (Roast, ground)
  • Wheat germ
  • Wheat germ has 15x more zinc than white flour
  • Turkey, dark meat
  • Cheese (Cheddar, Swiss); this creates mucous so be careful during flu season!
  • Swiss Chard, Mustard Greens
  • Lima, Soy & Kidney beans, Lentils
  • Potato (baked)
  • Oats (preferably gluten free)
  • Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds, Cashews
  • Tuna (wild caught, not canned)
  • Rice (Wild, Brown and Enriched)
  • Whole brown rice contains more than 4x the zinc of processed white rice
  • Ginger root
  • Molasses has 42x more zinc than an equal amount of white sugar

What does zinc do for the immune system?

If you have a zinc deficiency, your body will have a hard time creating immune cells known as white blood cells, that fight off disease.

But the cool thing about zinc, is its ability to block the pathway that harmful bacteria use to take in nutrients, essentially starving those bad guys and making it easier for your immune cells to kill them.

There is no need to load up on zinc, however — just bringing low zinc levels into the normal range can help protect you from the flu or viruses.

How much zinc is required?

The average daily intake in US only about 10mg and OPTIMAL daily supplemental intake is 30mg/day during flu season. Be sure you take with food to avoid stomach upset or nausea. And be cautious, as long-term zinc supplementation can lead to copper and B-vitamin deficiency.

As always, let me be your guide to supplementation. In a simple appointment, I can look at all your supplements and let you know if they’re what you actually need.

Dr Adelena 😊

As promised, Dr Mercola’s article can be read here.

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