It commonly blows the minds of our clients, because it just plain works!

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But although some people have heard the word homeopathy, few understand what it is. This system of healing uses remedies made of extreme dilutions of herbs.
(And when I say extreme, we’re talking crazy-extreme… you take one part of an herb tincture and mix it with 99 parts of water. Then take one part of that dilution to 99 more parts of water. Then one part of that dilution to 99 more parts of water. You do this dilution process 6 times before it’s considered homeopathic.)

And the really interesting thing?

The more you dilute it, the stronger the action it has on the body!Homeopathy, Child

But how does it work?

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms through the energy properties of the herbs, rather than the chemical properties.
It’s been around for over two hundred years, and has been proven effective in numerous clinical studies.
Because these remedies work in the body energetically, rather than chemically, they’re safe for the elderly, people on medications, infants or pregnant women.
And, hey, it’s been good enough for the families who can afford the best health care available for over two centuries, namely the Royal Families of Britain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Spain and Portugal.


So treat yourself like royalty and give it a try!