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Did You Know?

There’s a simple test to determine how many carbs you can have in your diet without bringing on problems like fatigue, body aches, brain fog, and weight gain. Are you ready to know? 

The test

I came across this while thumbing through a magazine in a checkout line. It actually tests the strength of your salivary enzymes that break down carbs. Pretty nifty! Here’s how it goes:

Cut two pieces of uncooked, white potato about the size of a dime. Get a timer and paper & pen. Chew one of the pieces of potato just like you would chew a piece of gum. Time how many seconds it takes before it begins to taste a bit sweet, swallow your potato, and jot the time down. If you get to 35 seconds and it still doesn’t taste sweet, just swallow. Now, repeat with the second piece of potato. Average the number of seconds for your score.

If you score 30+ seconds

Alas, carbs are not your friend… A Paleo diet will help you feel a lot better! If you’re handy in the kitchen at all, you can make all kinds of delicious grain-free versions of pizza crust, muffins, and other favorites. The internet is full of recipes that will make you happy. And if you’re not known for your culinary abilities, there are ready-made mixes available at stores like Whole Foods. They will commonly use almond or coconut flour as a base.

If you score 15-30 seconds

Yes, you can have some carbs, but don’t get cocky…. Refined flours and sugar will still cause inflammation and weight gain. But you CAN do well with a balance of 35% complex carbs, 30% protein, and 35% fat at each meal.

If you score 0-14 seconds This makes you one of those fortunate people we low carb folks secretly hate, I mean envy… You can commonly eat a whopping 50% carbs along with 20% protein and 30% fat per meal. Ditto the advice above that quality of carbs matters.

Were you surprised?

Probably not, because most of us know how we feel when we indulge in carbs. But it’s always fun to test yourself, right?

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