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There’s a common denominator underlying both brain fog and fatigue, and that is lowered mitochondrial function. You might only vaguely remember mitochondria from Jr High science class, so let me refresh your memory. They are the engines in your cells that create energy. There are mitochondria in every cell of your body and the energy they produce allows that cell to do its work. Lower mitochondrial function = poorer cell function.

The neurons (nerve cells) in your brain contain up to 2 million mitochondria per cell (!!) and scientists are now associating that reduction in mitochondrial function with the development of many diseases, including Parkinson’s and Dementia. Skeletal muscle cells have up to 30,000 mitochondria per cell and your heart has about 7,000 per cell. It blows my mind to think of how tiny these are to fit that many in a single cell! But that’s how much energy these cells need to perform their work properly. All other cells in your body have multiple mitochondria, too, so you can see how important this subject is.

How we lose mitochondrial function- Remember the story of the frog?

You know the one, where the frog in a pot that’s slowly heating up will not be able to jump out because, by the time he realizes it’s a problem, he doesn’t have the energy. Well, that’s the way you lose mitochondrial function, too. It’s a gradual decline over time and by the time you feel symptoms a LOT of damage has been done. The good news is, if you pay attention and take action there’s a lot you can do to improve your mitochondrial function!

Atomic Habits work!

There’s a great book called Atomic Habits that gives many illustrations about how small habits, done consistently over time, can produce BIG results. This is how you can improve your mitochondrial function AND prevent their decline. Small, good habits work in the positive to build this function and small bad habits cause decline. You will see in the next section that there are many bad habits we are constantly exposed to. Minimize them wherever possible and incorporate the good ones every day to create robust mitochondria. This helps to prevent many diseases and improve the way you feel.

What lowers mitochondrial function?

Here are the mitochondria-lowering influences, in no particular order: 1) a sedentary lifestyle, 2) environmental toxins, 3) stress, 4) oxidative damage (cell damage which we try to lessen with anti-oxidants), 5) aging, and 6) nutrient deficiencies. With this list, is it any wonder that we struggle to be in tip-top condition?!

What raises mitochondrial function?

Without getting too deep in the woods about the science, basically, it’s all about the conversion of natural energy into mitochondrial energy. In other words, your mitochondria use energy from outside sources to create cellular energy. Sunshine is a great mitochondrial support! Same with infrared saunas, because they both contribute energy to your body. Exercise and a nutrient-rich diet also play a vital role. Anti-oxidants and stress-relieving practices round out the list.

Supportive supplements

Because the battle against our toxic, stressful environment full of poor food is an uphill one, I’m a huge fan of using supplements. Basic to supplying missing nutrients is a whole food based anti-oxidant. I personally have used Juice Plus for this purpose off and on since 1994. If I ever leave it off for a season, after several months I notice I’m just not quite as good- a bit of faster aging here, an ache or pain there, and after several months back on I’m back to better. This is how Atomic Habits work- little things over time. Here’s the link to check it out. I like the Orchard, Garden & Vineyard (Red, Green & Purple) I’m also a huge fan of CellCore products because they use bioactive (life-promoting) carbons, which are the building blocks of life. These are huge promoters of the energy flows your mitochondria need to produce each cell’s energy. There are 2 of their products that focus on improving mitochondrial function… BC-ATP, which is a capsule, and CT Minerals, which is a liquid. I personally use both of them, because of my age and some of the toxic hits I’ve had. They really do make a difference! If you’d like to try them, you can order here with the practitioner code k893BKHx.

Remember Atomic Habits!

Pick a few of these habits or supplements (or even 1!) that you can 100% commit to and start there. As those become grooved-in habits, you can add others and feel better & better over time. Here’s to your health and vitality!

All of us here at Vitality Project want you to know how much we love you and are thankful for our relationship. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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