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Promising study on COVID prevention

When I read the results from an August 2022 study of over 4,000 patients & 424 hospital staff at one Ghana hospital and 89 hospital workers at another, all I could think was WOW!! Here’s how it broke down:

The study used both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants. The treatment was a nasal rinse of 1% food-grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 0.5%. (You can use a neti pot or Naso Pure (plastic squeeze bottle) for this rinse.) Participants also rinsed their mouth/gargled with the 1% food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Keep in mind these participants were in a hospital setting, and the healthcare workers were constantly exposed to patients who could be carrying COVID. Here are the results:

None of the more than 4,000 patients who were treated with hydrogen peroxide got COVID. Like I said, WOW! In one hospital, 424 fully vaccinated staff members were studied. 34 of these used the hydrogen peroxide protocol and none of these contracted COVID. Of the remaining 390 staff, 53 developed COVID. In the other hospital, 89 of the staff members used the hydrogen peroxide treatments. Only one contracted COVID and that one had discontinued the rinses.

These results are quite remarkable! COVID keeps coming through in waves as new variants emerge and it looks like it is here to stay. Since even multiple shots and boosters don’t stop people from contracting it, I’m always on the lookout for good preventive measures. These results show that this protocol is definitely effective! Please do follow the other preventive measures I’ve written about before, which you can get in my Holistic Pandemic Survival Guide. (Free download here)

I decided to try the nasal rinse this morning, so I could give you the low-down. I have used the 1% food grade H2O2 as a mouthwash before and quite frankly it was pretty nasty, even diluted with 2/3 distilled water. I had no idea what the nasal rinse would be like and crossed my fingers. I’m used to rinsing my sinuses every day with a combination of 2 herbal products, so the rinse was not a new practice. Well….. I will say that I’m glad I used a ¼ H2O2 to ¾ distilled water for the first try! It was a bit intense and I could definitely feel the H2O2 reacting with microbes in my nose and even into my sinus cavities. It calmed down after a few minutes.

My opinion on this is that it’s worth rinsing every day, particularly when a COVID wave is coming through. You’ll also help your gums and sinuses by eliminating harmful bacteria and fungus, so it’s a win-win. Please do start slow, with a more dilute rinse, and increase as your tolerance improves. And remember to always use distilled water for your rinses. Any time I run across good preventive info like this, I’ll be sure to pass it on!

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