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As you might know, I just returned from a big conference in Boise, Idaho. It’s called ECO, which stands for Exponential Clinical Outcomes and that’s exactly what CellCore Biosciences, the sponsor, delivers! Over the next few weeks, I’ll write about some of the juicy nuggets I learned that you might be most interested in. Today, I’ll share one of my favorite presentations about how to deal with Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs.

The presenter was Kathy Yeo, DC, who is originally from South Korea. In addition to her chiropractic training, she has extensively studied and practiced bioenergetic medicine (which is what I do), sound healing, and Korean Feng Shui. Her take on dealing with EMFs was extremely refreshing! She described EMFs as being harmful because they go against nature’s rhythms of geometry, orientation, polarity (as in yin & yang), coherence (wholeness), flow & movement, and organization. When you think about it, nature is full of natural organizations of rhythms. There’s a geometry to the leaves and stems of plants, the logarithmic pattern of a Nautilus shell, the swirl of our Milky Way galaxy, and even the pattern of our DNA. What a cool way to think about it, and it makes total sense!

Basically, all the above examples of nature express harmony, and EMFs create disharmony. So that begs the question, how do we protect ourselves from the ill effects of EMFs? It’s simpler than you might think. You remove the sources where you have control over them, then you use healing frequencies and vibrations to bring the body in balance. I’ve always stressed clearing electronics from your sleeping environment as the most important first step, since sleep is how you rejuvenate your nervous system and body. Let’s go beyond that to using nature’s frequencies to help.

Examples of healing frequencies would include homeopathic remedies (remember, these are actually frequencies with no chemical action in the body), music (which is also frequencies), and humming or singing (which brings vibration to your body and stimulates your Vagus nerve to calm your entire nervous system).

I’ve written about Forest Bathing before and the healing effects of trees. Dr. Yeo actually recommended hugging a tree every single day! Earthing or Grounding is another technique. You can accomplish this by digging in your garden, going barefoot on untreated ground, or even sleeping on an Earthing sheet or pad. She talked about the importance of nature’s rhythms, like eating seasonal foods. I’m also a fan of getting 10 minutes of sun exposure in the morning and wearing blue-blocking glasses at night to synchronize with the circadian rhythm. One thing she mentioned that I never thought of was the importance of eating foods that are prepared by hand and not a machine. Interesting! Praying and giving thanks over your food is very powerful and proven by research to bring order and harmony. Check out the research from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water here.  Speaking of water, Dr. Yeo stressed that your hydration level is vital to your ability to heal from EMF exposure with positive frequencies.

Finally, she presented a study on the effects of fear on our heart rhythm. Two groups of people were told that they were going to be exposed to EMFs to study the effects on their hearts, and then their heart rhythms were tested. One group really was exposed and the other was just told they were being exposed. Both groups showed ill effects on their heart rhythm. This is profound in light of the amount of fear that has been promoted over the last 2+ years. We definitely want to be aware of potential dangers and take whatever steps are necessary, but we should never DWELL on the fear. Actually, all of the above steps that help with EMFs will also help pull your mind away from fearful thoughts.

I hope you’ve found this as interesting as I did! We actually test your heart rhythm as a part of your exam in the office, which can help you to understand how much healing you need for your nervous system. Let us know if you’d like to run the test on yourself.

It’s vital that we connect with nature and its rhythms daily. Dr. Yeo said that technology can mask our need for nature, so be conscious to balance tech time with nature time. Let’s hug a tree, sing a song, and sit in a bit of sun with our feet on the ground 😊

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