Help for brain fog & fatigue

There’s a common denominator underlying both brain fog and fatigue, and that is lowered mitochondrial function. You might only vaguely



Have you seen this growing as an accent in a flower garden? Looks like miniature bamboo, but it’s an herb

Immune Health

Lower your risk of Shingles

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions from people about whether to get the shingles vaccine. Whether to vaccinate yourself


Welcome Fall!

Learning to move with the rhythms of nature can be a positive influence on your health, and one of those


The Awesome Foursome

One of my favorite holistic medical doctors is Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Sadly, he passed away this past June from a

Immune Health

How do we get sick?

More from the CellCore conference I attended 2 weeks ago: This pic is a slide from one of the presenters

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