Debra MacIntyre

Covid statistics in the world

Coronavirus update

The bulk of this blog is reprinted with permission from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. If you missed my earlier blog on Coronavirus, you can access it here. I’m going to urge you to share this information. Unfortunately, holistic articles are now being unfavored by Google, Facebook, YouTube and other internet search engines. It’s up to …

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Easiest route to good health

The little things one does every day make the biggest impact on your health, for better or worse. For many, time is the barrier to incorporating good habits. For others, it’s remembering to do the things they want to do, like drink water, take vitamins, etc. The answer to both is….. Establish your routine Organizing your morning …

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Insights from a snowy vacation

Hello from snowy Colorado! I’m taking an overdue vacation and decided to see if I could hack the cold & snow of winter in my favorite summertime location- Dillon, Colorado. Here are some beautiful pics, along with a couple of life lessons I learned. Hope you enjoy! Lesson 1- Be Patient Getting dressed to go …

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