Do you have allergies?

You know you do if you sneeze, have itchy, watery eyes, or have reactions after eating certain foods.

What you might not know is that allergies can be behind your fatigue, poor digestion, and mood, learning or behavior disorders.

In the past, you were stuck with just a few bad choices….. avoid what you’re sensitive to, take pills to try to control your symptoms or take shots for a year or more to lessen your symptoms.

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Oh yes, and there’s the famous “just suffer through” option.

But now you have another choice!

(The kinder, gentler version of acupuncture that uses no needles. Which makes most people VERY happy.)

How do our amazing allergy treatments work? You hold a dilution of what you’re allergic to while we stimulate special acupuncture points. This has the incredible effect of balancing your energy to the allergen and VOILA! You don’t react to it any more. We still feel like magicians every time we see the results!

It only takes 15 minutes to do a treatment and it commonly takes only 1 treatment per allergen to bring relief.
(Beats the heck out of the weekly shots I suffered through as a kid for over a year!)

Results range from lessening of symptoms to complete elimination of the allergy, which is pretty darned amazing!

(Not appropriate for anaphylactic allergies)

Wonder if you’re a candidate?
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