All about candida!

Candida overgrowth can cause a LOT of symptoms. The most common are general inflammation, fatigue, brain fog, digestive gas/bloat, food allergies, vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, or nail fungus. There are two common misconceptions that can keep you from being able to get rid of candida, so let’s clear them up.

Misconception 1- you can starve candida out of your system with a strict diet

It’s true that sugar feeds candida and that includes foods that break down into sugar, like grains or even excessive fruits. But diet alone will not permanently eliminate the overgrowth. You can certainly feel better, but as soon as you come off the diet, the yeast begins to grow back. Frustrating!!

What people don’t understand is that the reason it grows back has to do with 2 additional factors: pH and oxygen. If your body is too acidic, any “bad guy” microbes like candida will flourish. I like to use saliva to check for proper pH, and I do it with an acidic challenge of lemon juice to see if your body can rebound from that stress and re-alkalize you. You can do the first part of that test and check your baseline. Get pH paper from the drug store, get some saliva on your tongue and touch it with a piece of the paper. Quickly compare it to the color chart to see what it reads. The baseline for your saliva should be 6.8. If you are less than that, you have a pH that’s too acidic, which candida loves! (If you test higher than 6.8, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of the woods. Some people who are stuck in “stress mode” will test higher as a baseline. If you’re that person, email us and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

The oxygen factor can be helped in a few ways. First, getting regular exercise will increase your circulation and deliver oxygen throughout your body. Checking your B12 and iron levels is important, too, because they help your blood cells carry oxygen. For B12, I like to see it at the top end of the normal range. Iron should be in the mid-range of normal.   

Misconception 2- Candida itself is the problem

Candida is a problem, but not the problem. Candida is there because of other toxic burdens and impacts on the body… it’s opportunistic, just like algae in an aquarium. The “seeds” of algae are always in an aquarium and the “seeds” (which is the benign form) of candida are a natural part of our flora. When the body becomes burdened and stressed, the candida will grow into fungal filaments and that’s what causes all the symptoms mentioned above. Research in biological medicine has shown that candida actually has a protective effect on your body from mercury and other heavy metals. So, even if your pH and oxygen are correct and you kill off the candida by starving it and perhaps taking herbs…. if you have heavy metals in enough quantity, it can grow back.

Kicking out this unwelcome guest

Here are the basics of ridding yourself of candida:

  1. Optimize your pH. Most people are too acidic, so adding loads of veggies, a green drink, and a mineral supplement should help the pH.
  2. Get more oxygen. Exercise and be sure your B12 and iron are optimized.
  3. Go on a low-carb, no sugar diet.
  4. Follow the supplement protocol for getting rid of candida that’s on our Wellevate site. (You can sign in or sign up here, go to Practitioner Protocol, then click Candida Detox.)
  5. The first step is to reduce candida from its harmful, fungal form to its benign form. For this, you take Undecylenic Acid. Start with 2 caps twice a day and slowly work up to the full dose of 5 caps 3 times a day. These are very small pills, a bit smaller than a Vit E.
  6. Simultaneously take immune support. I recommend Immune Symmetry since it’s a broad spectrum of immune-enhancing nutrients. Take this at the dose of 2 caps twice a day.
  7. Be sure you’re drinking enough water! Divide your weight by 2 to learn how many ounces you need per day.
  8. Keep those bowels moving! A diet rich in fiber is helpful and you can add some magnesium such as Natural Calm if needed.
  9. Finally, use Chlorella to safely remove any heavy metals that are released as you are killing the candida. Start with 2 little pills twice a day and slowly increase this as you increase the Undecylenic Acid.

If at any time you feel worse, reduce your dose of Chlorella and Undecylenic Acid. The Immune Symmetry stays at the same dose.

Depending on your history and the extent of your candida overgrowth, you could use this protocol for 3 months or more. It’s a true game changer for anyone with chronic candida!

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