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Top Mental Health Tips

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We can all get stressed out from time to time. But before you reach for a drug, another sugar fix, etc, to make you temporarily feel better, check out my favorite mental health tips.

If the problem is chronic, ask your doctor to run these tests

Feeling "blue" chronically can be an indicator of a physical problem. Most MD's run some, but not all of these tests. And the ones that are skipped could be the very ones you need!So, please get every one of these checked: CBC, Metabolic panel, Vitamin D, Ferritin, Vitamin B12, and full thyroid panel, including TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, TPO ab and Anti-Thyroglobulin ab. For some people, being at the edge of the normal range (but still within a normal range) can also cause the symptoms of depression or anxiety, so get the actual numbers & don't just accept "normal" for a result. You can even order these tests yourself at Direct Labs.

Now, at the risk of sounding like your mother.....

I must cover the basics here:

Sleep enough every night. And, no, 6 hours is not enough.

You need 7-8. Yes, even you!

Eat well. And make it real food, ok? Not that fast food or processed stuff. Good nutrition is simple: Buy food that will go bad, then eat it before it does.

Drink water. 6-8 eight ounce glasses a day. And even though coffee is a liquid that is made with water!..... Sorry, it doesn't count.

And by the way..... don't forget to exercise


Other important daily actions

Get negative people out of your life. They suck the energy right out of you. Negativity can be blatant or extremely subtle. If someone yells at you until you can actually see their pulse in the veins popping out? Well, that's easy to spot. But how about the ones who can seem to be nice, but you somehow feel a little bit smaller after an interchange with them? Or the ones who always criticize or put others down? Do your best to avoid them at all costs, and if that's not possible, then at least keep any communication with them on the light side. And ditto with other forms of negativity, like the "news". There's just no reason to listen to the sensationalized bad stuff that has come to be "the news".

Take a walk and look at things. Stroll through a park or even a mall. People-watch, check out the kids or animals you see along the way. Look at the beautiful plants. Or as my husband does, the interesting vehicles.(Even I had to admit that this one was cool!)

Make your own list of "feel good" things and consciously do them. Give a hug, smell a flower, pet a dog, dig in the garden, throw a baseball, go barefoot, put on some music (I dare you to listen to this and not feel better!) "Happy"

Pay attention to the little things that give you a lift, then do them on purpose.

And, of course, you can always come to see me for a custom homeopathic remedy. As one client recently wrote, "It's amazing how much nicer my husband is since you tweaked my drops!"

This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this newsletter should be taken as medical advice. Discuss all medical issues with your own MD.

Success of the Week:

I cannot tell you what a difference a few days on my new remedy makes. My stomach is much less swollen and I feel more energized. Thank you so very much!


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